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New Solution - Column Security - Need Testers

I have a new solution that will allow you to secure specific columns in a SharePoint list.  If you are interested in helping me test this solution you will get a full version when it is completed. 

Currently the solution is built for SharePoint 2010.  In my testing it works on 2013 as well, but you lose the custom error page letting the user know the columns are locked.

Contact me at if you are interested!


I Have A New Site!

I want to thank everyone who has supported my codeplex site!  I am not taking down any of the solutions available on this site they will always be here.  However,  the SharePoint 2013 version will only be available on the new site, along with any new actions I create.

Also I have update the 2010 version to include a Bcc field, it is also available on the new site.

I am still working on the site and adding all of my solutions, but please check it out.

Thanks again!



SharePoint 2010 - Convert Document To PDF / XPS

I have a new action that uses Microsoft Word Automation services to convert documents (.docx, .docm, .doc, .dot, .dotm, .rtf, .mht, .mhtml, .xml) to PDF or XPS formats. It can also convert entire folders.  Available at


SharePoint 2013 - Send Email With Attachment New

I have an new version of this workflow action that works with SharePoint 2013. This solution does not work with SharePoint online, you must be able to deploy the solution to central admin. Available at


SharePoint 2010 - Send Email With Attachment

I put together this SharePoint Designer workflow activity to allow users to send an email with an attachment in SharePoint 2010. The attachment will be taken from a list item or a document in a document library. Download it here:

SharePoint Field Type - Validation

This is a custom field type for Sharepoint that will validate phone numbers, email addresses, or you can specify your own regex value to validate the field.
Download it here:


New Action Added - Copy File to Network Share Trial Version only. Limited to 1 MB files.

This action allows you to copy files from SharePoint to a network share. It also gives you the option for creating a folder in that network share to save the files in. This action will work on SharePoint lists and libraries. If used on a list it will copy all attachments to the list item to the specified location. Download at

If you are interested in the full version: 

New Action Added - Attach File to List Item Trial Version only. Limited to 1 MB files.

This action will take a document from a document library and attach it to a list item. It has support for folders. So if the item is a folder in the document library it will take all files in the folder and attach them to the list item. Download at

If you are interested in the full version:


Send Email With Attachment Ribbon Button Trial Version only. Limited to 2 MB

This new feature will allow users to be able send documents right from the document library or list, but it also gives the administrators the ability to control what libraries and lists have this ability. After activating this site feature there are new settings on every list and library that allow you to turn this option on or off. You also have the ability to control the total size of the attachments and what permissions are required to be able to use the button. Download the trial version and check it out for yourself here:

If you are interested in the full version:

All projects listed here have only been tested on a stand alone install of SharePoint 2010 Server.

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